Genusio core team

We work hard to bring you the best tool for your community needs


    Founder & CEO

    Jakub specializes in digital networking and community development. He meets with the leaders of digital and real communities around the world and connects them.
    He is interested in startups such as Fiverr, Airbnb, Eventbrite, as well as marketplace and subscription business models.

    Co-founder & CTO

    Digital solution creator, business analyst, IS assignment creator, IT company owner mentor, company process coach. Integromat specialist.


    Platform developer

    A person who makes things happen. Tomáš stood at the birth of several media projects, taking control of technical side of things. He created projects regarding cars and politics and co-founded a non-profit company supporting independent film. Author of three books and counting, he spends most of his free time creating art in various forms – written books, audiobooks, paintings, photography and videography.
    Lover of good wine, convertibles and Mediterranean countries, he enjoys hot weather after spending four years in Sweden.

    Content Manager

    Ondřej is currently a student at the Da Vinci Grammar School and spends his free time working on Genusio. He is interested in personal development, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. He was also present during the birth of the finance game Život podle Vás.
    His main abilities include graphic design and writing articles. Ondřej is a self-proclaimed multipotentialite with a multitude of interests. Ondřej is an idealist, he believes in honesty and straightforwardness.