Locus Workspace

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Product Description

Locus Workspace is a coworking spaces in Prague intended to help location-independent professionals work more effectively, professionally, and enjoyably.

If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a telecommuter, a consultant, a graduate student, a researcher, or anyone else working on your own and wishing you had a more supportive or focused work environment, Locus was created for you.
If you’re hoping to escape the work-life conflict that often comes with working from home, the limited resources and unpredictability that comes with working from a café, or the sense of being boxed in or socially isolated that comes with a small private office, Locus was created for you. If you work better surrounded by others focused on their own work, if you miss the quick access to answers and ideas that comes from working with others, or if you simply want access to an inviting office and a place to meet your clients in the center of Prague, Locus was created for you.

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