Business Angels Association of Turkey

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Our mission is to enable Turkish entrepreneurs to become familiar with a culture of partnerhip

Now it is time for Turkish entrepreneurs to embrace a completely new model of entrepreneurship introduced by the TBAA –Business Angels Association of Turkey. A ‘partnership culture’ whereby businessmen of acumen are invited to form partnerships with rising entrepreneurs
Established in 2011 by a group of pioneer business angels in Turkey, it represents a sector that is expected to invest an estimated 500 million Euros annually in a few years’ time and has a key role to play in Turkey’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs and the creation of wealth and jobs. Most TBAA business angel network members are accredited by the government, and over 500 angel investors are members of these 10 BANs. The TBAA has 6 committees: The Crowdfunding Committee. The Innovation & Technoparks Committee, The Incubation Centers Committee, The Start-up Committee, The Exit Committee, and The Mentorship Committee. The TBAA has seen its members hold important positions in the international arena, including the Vice Presidency of EBAN and board membership in the World Business Angels Association in the UK..