AI Startup Incubator

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Product Description

We understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and we focus on AI startups only.

Our AI experts, who have more than 15 years of active experience, are able to offer all the expertise needed within the AI field. We are an agile lean core team, who is still able to answer all your needs in all the AI applications in different industries by bringing Mentors, with daily hands on experience of the given problematic, into the game. Our incubation is not following a rigid scheme, we tailor each one to the needs of the startup, its specific situation, strengths, weaknesses, and maturity and we are ready to work remotely. We tailor our help to the needs of each and every project instead of offering you generic cookie-cutter packages. We understand that each startup comes at varying stages of readiness and with a unique set of challenges. Money is one thing, commitment is everything.

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