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Product Description

We are a partner for institutional investors to invest in Central Europe. We maintain the highest professional, ethical and ESG standards.

We have proven ability to deliver highly impactful value creation. Reaching your destination with capital is one thing, but our investments run deeper than that. We believe in working in the spirit of collaboration, rooted in strong partnerships and mutual respect. Because together, we can dream bigger and achieve the extraordinary.

We work to create value in our investments through close collaboration with our business partners, and we care deeply about building long-term relationships with our investors, entrepreneurs, our employees and every organisation and individual we work with. We use skill and precision to discover opportunities that others don’t. This is our strength, and it takes us further than anyone else. Over the years, we have guided entrepreneurs and businesses to success, made our way through storms, and – despite good or bad circumstances – we have always reached destination.

More information on: https://abris-capital.com/