About Genusio

Genusio.com aims to create a worldwide marketplace for community admins, consolidate the community marketplace a enable admins of these communities to monetize them.

Main advantages:

    • Enables visitors to get a good overview about communities, compare them with each other, choose the right community and get connected with it.
    • Allows the community members to evaluate each community.
    • Allows community admins to manage their communities, especially:
      • Memebers database
      • Membership payments
      • Community marketing administration
      • Membership zone management
      • Community events management
      • Community development support (Community Academy)

Who is Genusio intended for?

    • Paid community members
    • Free community admins interested in monetization
    • Free community admins interested in paid VIP section in the current group
    • Community admins interested in holding paid events
    • Community admins with the need for an instant group access
    • Regular community members interested in managing their memebership and how much money they pay

Community platforms

A platform can be a place which serves for members communication and where they meet. Genusio doesn’t replace these platforms, but enables their automatized management (where the platform allows it) and or an information for management of such communities.

A platform can be:

    • Offline group, association (where the communication is done mainly in person)
    • Facebook group
    • Linkedin group. Also a group which can use any of the following:
    • Slack
    • Telegram
    • Whatsapp
    • WeChat
    • Discord
    • Reddit
    • or any proprietary tool

Who is Genusio useful for?

    • Current digital groups
    • Clubs
    • Associations
    • One man show (e.g. a stock market businessman who wants to monetize his trading information channel)
    • Mastermind groups
    • Professional associations

Which disciplines will Genusio cover?

    • All (as long as they are legal)

Where will Genusio be available?

    • Mainly in the English speaking world

Supported languages

    • English

Genusio Demo

Portál provozuje momentálně v režimu funkčního dema. Více informací o demu si přečtěte na stránce Genusio.com Demo.